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Sara Gross

Sara Gross
<p>Home Town: Victoria BC, Canada</p> <p>How did you first get into triathlon? <br /> I volunteered at the local triathlon in Kingston, Ontario when I went to university there. While watching the race I thought “this is the coolest thing I have ever seen”. After that I was hooked. </p> <p>What are your top 5 race results? <br /> 12x Top 5 Ironman finishes<br /> 2nd Ironman Canada 2007<br /> 2nd Ironman Western Australia 2006<br /> 2005 ITU European Long Course Champion</p> <p>What’s your favorite race and why?<br /> Kona, because its hot and challenging and everyone is there. </p> <p>What’s your favorite workout?<br /> Lately, its been shorter, harder lactic threshold stuff. Traditionally though, I have always loved long hilly runs. </p> <p>What’s your least favorite training day?<br /> My least favorite days are when I feel too tired to enjoy training the way I normally do. </p> <p>What’s your proudest accomplishment?<br /> My first pro race in Nice 2003. I DNFed at IM Wisconsin 6 days before with hyponatremia and flew back to the UK (where I was living at the time) hugely disappointed. On Thursday my coach called me and said, “Why don’t you go to Nice”. I did and finished 7th and won my first prize money. </p> <p>What is your pre-race ritual?<br /> Nothing crazy. Coffee, breakfast, feeling focused. </p> <p>What is your favorite pre-race meal?<br /> Pre-Ironman breakie is white rice, eggs and avocado. Yum. </p> <p>Who inspires you?<br /> Anyone who pursues their dreams with integrity.</p> <p>What are your favorite Zoot products?<br /> Lately, my ultra long-sleeved cycle jersey and nanoshell jacket. In general, I love the ultra race suits and the color schemes that seem to get better every year. I like that I can match my shoes with my shorts, with my visor. It’s a nice touch. </p> <p>Tell us about your 2010 goals: <br /> So far 2010 has been all about focusing on my health. I am hoping that this approach will open the back door to racing at my potential. </p>

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