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Dana Riederer

Dana Riederer
<p><b>Hometown:</b> Fond du Lac, WI</p> <p><b>Residence:</b> Chicago</p> <p><b>Personal Facebook Page: </b>!/profile.php?id=1266048722</p> <p><b>Twitter Account: </b>!/DanaRiederer</p> <p><b>Career Highlights:</b> </p> <p>2009 Ironman Muskoka 70.3, 3rd Amateur Overall, 3rd 25-29 (4:36:34)<br /> 2009 St. Jude's Memphis Marathon, 12th Overall (2:42:56)<br /> 2010 Ironman Muskoka 70.3, 1st Amateur Overall (4:28:59)<br /> 2011 Ironman Kansas 70.3, 5th Amateur Overall,1st 30-34 (4:16:33)<br /> 2011 Pleasant Prairie Triathlon, 3rd Overall (1:59:01)</p> <p><b>Personal Bio:</b></p> <p>What is your favorite workout?</p> <p>A track session my coach has named the "Hammer". It consists of a long set of anywhere from 10-30 400's followed by a 200m recovery jog. Depending on the time of year the workout is performed, every 3rd or 4th 400 is a "hammer" where the pace is dropped down anywhere from 5-10 seconds faster than the rest of the 400s are performed at. Even though you easily complete 6+ miles on the track, the effort intensity is high and it keeps the time moving nicely.</p> <p><b>5 things we should know about you:</b> </p> <p>1) I love to clean, or rather love things when they are clean and orderly<br /> 2) I wanted to be a storm chaser throughout my childhood<br /> 3) I've never liked cartoons a day in my life<br /> 4) Will eat almost any brand/flavor energy bar, even those that are expired!<br /> 5) Hate answering the question, "how can you spend your whole working out?"</p> <p><b>How did you first get into triathlons?</b></p> <p>A friend from high school and college had done a triathlon the summer before and suggested I give it a shot. At that point I didn't have anything else to really push myself physically so it seemed like a good idea. Thanks Jason!</p> <p><b>What was the first race you ever participated in and what place did you finish?</b></p> <p>The first triathlon I ever participated in was the 2001 Lake Mills Triathlon consisting of a 400m swim, a 16 mile bike, and a 5K run. My total time was 1:12:39, good for 74th place. Although the swim portion of the race was an absolute disaster, the rest of the race went pretty well and from there on I decided to drop golf as my hobby of choice.</p> <p><b>What is your favorite race?</b></p> <p>There are several races I've done that rank up towards the top but I always come back to Ironman Muskoka 70.3. It's a tough course, the scenery is absolutely beautiful, and I really like the small-town environment surrounding the event despite the fact that in years past it has drawn some of triathlon's biggest stars.</p> <p><b>What are your favorite Zoot products and why?</b></p> <p>The COMPRESSRX line of recovery gear. I wore the tights for nearly 12 hours after Kansas 70.3 this year (8 of which were in a car) and I had absolutely no soreness in my legs at all the following day.</p> <p><b>What is your proudest accomplishment?</b></p> <p>Being able to get out of bed shortly after 5 a.m. most mornings from March until the end of October.</p> <p><b>What motivates you?</b></p> <p>Besides myself, the approval of my father</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race meal?</b></p> <p>Anything I eat on a regular basis. I don't really have a special meal per se.</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race ritual?</b></p> <p>I always shave my legs the morning of the race and I drink apple juice leading up to the race start.</p> <p><b>What is in your triathlon bag that you cannot live without?</b></p> <p>Ear plugs</p> <p><b>What are your goals for the 2011 season?</b></p> <p>Improve on my results from 2011 and specifically to break 9:45 at Rev3 Cedar Point this September.</p> <p><b>Any other information you would like included on your page:</b></p> <p>Best of luck to all the Zoot Sports athletes and a special thank you to all the sponsors of the Zoot Ultra Team, they are the best!</p> <p><b>Events you are racing in this season:</b></p> <p>Ironman 70.3 Muncle (July 9), Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead (August 14)</p> <p>Rev3 Cedar Point (September 11)</p>

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