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Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith
<p><b>Hometown: </b>Mandeville, LA</p> <p><b>Residence: </b>Mandeville, LA</p> <p><b>Personal Blog: </b></p> <p><b>Personal Facebook Page: </b>caroline smith</p> <p><b>Career Highlights:</b></p> <p>1st Place -- Gulf Coast Triathlon 1/2 Ironman 2009, 2010, 2011<br /> 2nd Place -- 2008 Ironman 70.3 Cancun<br /> 16th Place -- 2011 Ironman Texas, may not the best place, but it was a big accomplishment for me</p> <p><b>Personal Bio:</b></p> <p>I started a transformation in my life that began in 2002, at the age of 31. Since then, I have clawed my way from a lazy size 14 smoker to what I am today - a ZOOT ULTRA TEAM PROFESSIONAL TRAITHLETE. I had no idea what was in store for me when I began, but it has been an amazing journey so far and I love my new life now. <br /> It wasn't till 2005 that I thought I had something here, so I kept pressing forward with the goals of racing and winning in Ironman 70.3's. in 2007, I earned a slot to Kona, then came back a month later and won the overall amateur award in the 70.3 World Championship in Clearwater. From there, the only way to go was Pro, so I got my licence and just kept moving forward. I have been pro now for 4 years.<br /> I have been so fortunate in that I have had the unique opportunity to race in this sport in nearly all categorys possible (athena, AG, PRO) and have found my own experiences, sucesses, and failures to be inspiring to not only myself, but to many others enetring the sport looking for positive changes later in life.</p> <p><b>5 things we should know about you:</b></p> <p>-I raced as an Athena from 2002 until 2005. it took me that long to shed the weight.<br /> -I used to have pretty feet until i lost 3 toenails in one race in Arkansas in 2005.</p> <p><b>How did you first get into triathlons?</b></p> <p>I was just trying to lose weight and find a new obsession other than smoking &amp; drinking. people from the gym talked me into it... I had no idea what layed before me.</p> <p><b>What was the first race you ever participated in and what place did you finish?</b></p> <p>First Race was in 2002, and if i wasnt last, i was close to it. It was a sprint, and i thought i was going to die. i remember thinking at one point that if one more person passed me on the run, i was going to trip them :) lol</p> <p><b>What is your favorite race?</b></p> <p>IM BSLT 70.3 Lubbock, TX. m<br /> Mike &amp; Marty make that race what it is, and it always delivers a spanking.</p> <p><b>What is your favorite workout?</b></p> <p>after spending a week at Keystone in Colorado, I'd have to say every ride I did up there was my fav.</p> <p><b>What are your favorite Zoot products and why?</b></p> <p>Zoot Ultra Run Bra. Zoot compression tri shorts, <br /> and BY FAR -- the Ultra Kalani shoes. for long miles in the heat, they don't get soggy, they fit loosley yet conform to my feet and help me stay fresh even at mile 18+</p> <p><b>What is your proudest accomplishment?</b></p> <p>considering my destructive lifestyle through my 20's, I'm just proud to be so healthy and fit now. God has given me so many gifts that I never knew I had, and I now get to use them to pursue personal goals. AND I also get to share them with others to help them along in their journeys. Every time I get to toe the line as a pro, I feel humbled by those around me, yet proud knowing what I had to overcome to be there, and that I GET to be there.</p> <p><b>What motivates you?</b></p> <p>motivation is everywhere. I pull it from wherever i can, and it keeps me moving forward at all costs. It was a friend &amp; mentor's ALS diagnosis and eventual death that unleashed me in 2005, my memories of him constantly remind me that "igettodothis".</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race meal?</b></p> <p>oatmeal &amp; berries, or 1/2 a bagel w honey</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race ritual?</b></p> <p>that, ill keep to myself. I prayer for a safe day is in there too...</p> <p><b>What is in your triathlon bag that you cannot live without?</b></p> <p>vasaline. presta valves. scissors &amp; electrical tape.</p> <p><b>What are your goals for the 2011 season?</b></p> <p>To stay healthy, inspire others, and win a 70.3 :) and be top 5 in an Ironman along the way.</p> <p><b>Events you are racing in this season:</b></p> <p>ESI Ironman 70.3 Augusta (September 25), Ford Ironman Florida (November 5)</p> <p>Sandestin Tri, Aug 20<br /> Cajunman Tri, sept 11<br /> Santa Rosa tri, oct 2</p>

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