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Angela Axmann

Angela Axmann
<p><b>Date of Birth: </b>January 8th, 1984</p> <p><b>Home Town:</b> Rutesheim Germany / Phoenix, AZ </p> <p><b>Why do you do Triathlon?</b> Because I love the variety!!!</p> <p><b>What are your top 5 race results?</b> 2005 NAIA 3000 m Steeplechase National Champion (yep, still proud of that :-) 70.3 Oceanside Age group 1st place 2008 5150 final series ranking 2011 6th place Elite Duathlon National Championships 2011 1st place Elite Duathlon National Championships 2012 2nd place</p> <p><b>What’s your favorite race and why? </b>Any race where I don't have to swim with sharks, water snakes or alligators :-) Austria 5150 - the Lake's color is unreal, the bike course is fantastic and the spectators on the run are amazing (same location as Ironman Austria!!!)</p> <p><b>What’s your favorite workout? </b>Track workouts - Because I love the smell of the track and I love to go fast and Hill climbs on the bike</p> <p><b>What is your favorite pre-race meal?</b> Nutella and bread off course, what else would a German eat</p> <p><b>How do you celebrate after a big race?</b> Depends on how tired I am and where it is, but usually I find myself on an airplane within hours of the race trying to get back to AZ :-) Then I can celebrate with my husband at home and by using the recovery boots at work the next day :-)</p> <p><b>Whats was the last song you listened to?</b> My phone ring tone - it just went off. </p> <p><b>Whats a hobby of yours besides triathlon?</b> Cyclocross racing, Mountain biking, hiking in the Grand Canyon,…oh you mean non sporty? :-) Drinking coffee, traveling, gardening, cooking, and off course boogie boarding when I get to a beach!!!</p> <p><b>What is favorite Zoot product?</b> Just one? That is impossible. SPEEDZOOT, Performance 2" run shorts, Performance run cami and every single shoe Zoot makes (design, quality and fit fantastic!!!)</p> <p><b>What is your ultimate triathlon goal?</b> Race really really really fast.</p>

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