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Adrienne Amman

Adrienne Amman
<p><b>Hometown:</b> Middleton, WI</p> <p><b>Residence:</b> Wauwatosa, WI</p> <p><b>Personal Blog:</b></p> <p><b>Career Highlights:</b> </p> <p>Top 20 OA at IM WI 2010<br /> Top 20 OA at KS 70.3 2011</p> <p><b>Personal Bio:</b></p> <p>Ex-swimmer, turned triathlete.</p> <p><b>5 things we should know about you:</b> </p> <p>1. Retired Racing Greyhound lover<br /> 2. Best training/racing/pre-race/all the time music = Joan Jett, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and some sweet G 'N R<br /> 3. Rusted out beach cruiser bikes rock for toodling to the coffee shop in the off-season<br /> 4. I love roller derby<br /> 5. I avoid gluten during race season</p> <p><b>How did you first get into triathlons?</b></p> <p>My husband started doing them regularly in 2007 and I decided that I could do them too, so I did a few races in 2008 and then my first full IM in 2009.</p> <p><b>What was the first race you ever participated in and what place did you finish?</b></p> <p>My very first triathlon was the Devil's Challenge sprint tri in WI Dells in 1998. I was 19 and rode an old road/touring bike with toe cages, a hand pump, a tractor seat, and mirrors. It didn't shift well, but somehow I made it up the hills. I thought I might die on the run, but I ended up winning my AG. Unfortunately the bike broke down after that, and I was in college, so I didn't do another tri until 2007.</p> <p><b>What is your favorite race?</b></p> <p>IM WI--it's race where I've had things go badly for quite a bit of it, only to persevere and finish strong. Also, you have to love a race where the spectators carry you the whole way and you are encouraged up a hill by the devil and a cow...</p> <p><b>What is your favorite workout?</b></p> <p>Running at night to check out Halloween and Christmas decorations</p> <p><b>What are your favorite Zoot products and why?</b></p> <p>Ultra Kalanis--I train and race in them all the time. They are super comfortable and I don't get hardly any blisters!</p> <p><b>What is your proudest accomplishment?</b></p> <p>Getting hit by a car while training for IM WI and coming back 8 weeks later to qualify for Kona.</p> <p><b>What motivates you?</b></p> <p>Redemption.</p> <p><b>What is your pre-race meal?</b></p> <p>A Clif bar, a Luna Bar, and some sports drink with caffiene.</p> <p><b>What is in your triathlon bag that you cannot live without?</b></p> <p>chamois cream</p> <p><b>What are your goals for the 2011 season?</b></p> <p>Have fun, race fast, get better.</p> <p><b>Events you are racing in this season:</b></p> <p>Ironman 70.3 Racine (July 17), Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead (August 14), Ironman World Championship 70.3- Las Vegas (September 11), Ford Ironman World Championship (October 8)</p>

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