Tips for Product Use

Getting the Most from Your Wetsuit
Putting on your wetsuit:
  • Make sure your wetsuit is dry (a damp wetsuit is difficult to put on).
  • With zipper facing you and completely open, carefully step into suit with one leg.
  • Gently grasp the inside folds of the wetsuit.
  • Pull the suit over your foot (above the ankle bone).Repeat with other leg.
  • Squatting, grasp the suit around the waist from the inside.
  • Stand slowly. Gently pull the wetsuit into place.
  • Ensure the hips and crotch are properly seated. Readjust the legs if necessary.
  • Place arm through sleeve, gently pull above wrist, repeat with the other arm.
  • With the suit unzipped, position the arms until they are comfortable.
  • Pull the zipper closed and raise your arms over your head.

Things to watch out for:
  • The exterior of a wetsuit (the slick side) is fragile.
  • Sharp objects such as fingernails and watches can puncture exterior of the suit.
  • Remove watches and jewelry before putting your suit on.
  • Be careful to only pull the suit up from the inside (the rough fabric side).
  • Pulling from the outside of the suit can potentially cause damage.
  • Use water based lubricants (Bodyglide™ or similar) to protect against chaffing.
  • Never use any kind of cooking products or petroleum products as lubricants.

Other tips:
  • If you have difficulty getting into your suit barefoot, wearing socks will often help.
  • Ensure shoulders are seated correctly to maintain freedom of movement.
  • If you feel restriction of movement, unzip the suit and reposition the sleeves.

After you’re done:
When you have finished your swim, rinse the suit in fresh water and hang inside out to dry. We only recommend using products made for neoprene for washing your suit and always do it by hand, never in a machine.
Tips for Your CompressRx
Putting on your CompressRx:
  • Start both legs.
  • For Recovery Tights, position stirrup around the arch of your foot, then position opening at ankles.
  • For Active Tights, position opening around ankles.
  • Slowly work the tights upward covering your calves.
  • Once around your knees, massage the tights upward from the ankle to knee.
  • Work the tights upward around the thighs, from the knee.
  • Massage the tights upward to insure the tights are positioned correctly.
  • Work the rest of the tight around your hips.
  • For CompressRx Socks and Calf Sleeves, be sure to gently pull over your foot using the pads of your fingers, being sure not to poke a hole with your nails or finger tips.

Things to watch out for:
  • Recovery tights will be lower than your hip bones (they are cut very low to avoid too much pressure on your internal organs).
  • The fabric is delicate, be gentle putting it on.
  • Active tights will just cover the hip bones.

Other tips:
  • Pulling by the waistband is ineffective and not recommended.
  • It’s critical to get the hamstring area seated properly (back of the thigh).
  • It may take a little experimentation to get the position of the tights tailored to you.
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