CompressRx Sizing Instructions
Make sure to measure the listed body part unflexed at the largest area. You should take multiple measurements to make sure you have the largest area. If you are between sizes (i.e. size 1 and size 2) use the smaller size. If you have a mix of measurements that don’t quite match up to the size chart, it's better to error on the smaller sizing rather than the larger.

The waist measurement on the tights, shorts, and knickers is inconsequential, so you can ignore it.

For sizing CompressRx garments use the Size Chart.

Zoot Apparel Sizing
Most of the triathlon apparel should fit tight in order for it to be hydro and aero dynamic.

Use the Size Chart for a good start but when you try on the apparel, make sure that it is not restricting or binding.
Zoot Wetsuits Sizing
Wetsuits should be really snug but you should have no binding or restrictions in the shoulders.

Using the Size Chart to begin your fitting, take measurements and compare. If you fall between sizes, it is usually better to drop to the smaller size.
Shoe Sizing

Selecting the Correct Shoes

When selecting a running shoe, it's important to determine what type of runner you are. Are you a neutral runner or do you pronate? It’s not possible to answer this question via phone or internet; please visit your local retailer and talk with a qualified running shoe sales associate. To find a local retailer check out our Dealer Locator.

Zoot makes neutral shoes and shoes with mild stability for mild pronators. We call our mild stability shoes "Performance Stability".

Correctly Sizing Zoot Footwear

Zoot footwear runs true to size. When sizing Zoot footwear, go with the shoe size of your current athletic shoes. Most people run in the same size with socks or without but this can be unique to the individual.

You can also refer to our Size Chart.
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